I have been using WellCura CBD oil for several months and am a believer! I am a 66 year old female and take no prescription meds. This product aids my sleep and improves my movement with its anti-inflammatory properties. I recommend WellCura’s CBD oil to anyone interested in a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Linda Claytor

I was a former opiate user to control severe back pain. After ceasing opiates and only using advil to control the pain, i was introduced to CBD. After extensive research I chose the WELLCURA brand due to its in depth quality control and lab tested purity. Not only has it improved my quality of life by drastically lowering my pain levels, but it also treated my insomnia. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. Thank you WellCura for your commitment to quality & purity.


Before I started using CBD I was taking and anti anxiety medication on a daily. These days I am taking less and less of it, some days not at all! I’m not hooked on pharmaceuticals with sleepy side effects. Instead, I now have energy and can go about my day without having to worry to “pop a pill” every couple of hours. It’s a game changer folks

Jeff Cooper

In August 2019 I started adding 1 ml of Well Cura 1500 mg. each morning with 10 mg of Lisinopril at 9 A.M. I found that Lisinopril did not kick in for 2 hours which is about the time Well Cura looses it’s effectiveness. The effect of taking Well Cura is immediately noticed. An average of 10 points lower in about 10 minutes. So I’d be out of the danger zone. Most afternoons about 2 P.M. I take another 1 ml. and again at 9 P.M. The morning still averaged 146/87. A week ago my doctor increased the Lisinopril to 20 mg in AM & PM. I can’t see much difference ,yet. So I am keeping the 3 to 4 times a day taking 1 ml of Well Cura. I am so grateful to Well Cura. I believe it has prevented a heart attach or storke for me. A lot of peace of mind due to Well Cura.

Dianne Coleman – USA

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